Hockeyville is special for everyone

Throughout this week, there will be events in the Calumet area relating to Kraft Hockeyville USA. There has not been this much buzz in the community for a hockey game since Michigan Tech hosted Bowling Green for the WCHA playoff title a couple of years ago.

On Monday, the Stanley Cup was in town, along with the Gibson Cup and the MacNaughton Cup for viewing. On Tuesday, the Calumet Wolverines and Portage Lake Pioneers are playing a preseason game of their own. On Wednesday, former NHLer Jeremy Roenick and local historian Dr. Bill Sproule are going to be a part of the Red and Blue Celebration at the Calumet Rediness Center.

On Thursday, the day of the big game, people can ather at the Calumet Colosseum for the player arrivals from both teams. Later in the day, the Calumet High School is hosting a pep rally before the game. For those not in the arena, there will be a viewing at Agassiz Football Field, which is located near the school and the Colosseum.

There will be memories made this week for everyone involved, from the players themselves, who get the chance to return their roots, to the young children who will be able to step out on the Colosseum’s ice the rest of this hockey season and know that NHLers played a game on their ice.

This is truly a special moment for all involved.


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