O captain, my captain

Houghton Gremlins hockey coach Corey Markham will likely see his loyalties challenged locally this season as two of his former pupils, Raymond Brice and Connor Hannon, have each been named captain of their respective college hockey teams.

Brice was announced as the Michigan Tech Huskies captain earlier this summer. The former walk-on, who spurned offers to play college hockey out east, has worked extemely hard every day in practice, leading his teammates to have no other option than to vote him into a leadership position this season.

He will have some big shoes to fill. Being captain of the Huskies carries a lot of responsibility, and that can be even more intensified given the fact that he is local, making him the first area native to wear the letter since Tanner Kero did.

On the other side of the canal, Hannon takes the reigns at Finlandia University. The decision by the Lions to make Hannon their captain was also a bit of a no-brainer.

Hannon works extremely hard in practice as well, but head coach Joe Burcar still had to convince him that Finlandia would be a place he could grow and develop as a hockey player, which he agreed to in December two seasons ago.

Brice and Hannon, who played together in high school for the Gremlins, sit among the top scorers in school history. It seems fitting that the two of them would end up being captains of their respective college hockey squads, with neither taking the conventional route to get to this point.


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