School Board Recognition Month

To the editor:

The Michigan Association of School Boards and the National School Board Association has deemed January School Board Recognition Month. In the state of Michigan there are more than 4,000 school board members who help guide the over 800 K-12 school districts across the state. Board members responsibilities include attending school functions, preparing for board meetings, reading financial reports, agendas and proposals, and making a host of difficult and challenging decisions. The last two years operating in a COVID-19 influenced atmosphere has added to these challenges.

I would like to thank the Hancock Public School Board for their service, which includes Dale Kero, Randy Heinonen, Catherine Jordan, Wendy Chynoweth, Rod Paavola, Steve Koskela, and Michael Lancour. They provide diverse insights as we address to each issue, they are each true student advocates, their focus is on solving challenges and creating an educational experience that will provide students skills to be successful in their personal life and careers.

If you see any of these Hancock School Board members, or members of any other school boards in the area, please great them with a “Thank you for keeping student’s needs first in our schools.” Though these are elected positions, many receive no or very little compensation for their leadership. We greatly appreciate their time and expertise to keep our schools operating and improving.


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