Thanks to Top Dog Kennels

To the editor:

Last week, after a long and difficult journey, involving more than one night in an airport, I finally reached O’Hare airport. But, I was almost home, and after so many additional days away than intended, and missing my dogs, I indulged in a bout of foolish optimism. I texted Tom and Tina, of Top Dog Kennels. I said I would be on the evening flight back, and would they mind delivering my dogs to the house after they closed up so they would be there when I go home. They did that and texted me back when they dogs were delivered. A few hours later I boarded the flight and about 30 mins out the pilot stated the weather had closed Hancock airport and we were returning to O’Hare. The hole plane groaned with disappointment, but I knew my optimism had put my dogs in a bad position, because I knew the dogs did not have enough water if I did not get back there on the first flight the next day. So, when back at O’Hare (about 11 PM) I texted Tom and Tina again and explained the situation and asked if they would pick the dogs up again first thing tomorrow. They texted me back around 11:30PM and said they were going back that night to recollect the dogs so they would not be alone in the house. So in the cold and bleak weather at almost midnight they went back to my house and recollected the dogs. I want to acknowledge the concern and care they gave to my dogs, and my peace of mind too, and to thank them for taking such good care of the dogs.


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