Grand Raffle a grand success

To the editor:

The Calumet Theatre Board of Directors and staff would like to express sincere gratitude to the following for their help with the 3rd GRAND Raffle: Raffle Committee members Dave Doll, Harvey Hoyum, Art Limback, Chris Sochay, and Jane Zutter; ticket outlets Ace Hardware, L & L Bar, Miller’s Recreation, Newman Appliance, Nutini’s Supper Club, Pizza Works of Calumet and Houghton, and both branches of River Valley Bank; and additional sellers Harvey Hoyum and Deb Manderfield. Additional support provided by Houghton Community Broadcasting WCCY, K-BEAR and the WOLF stations, J & J Broadcasting WMPL and WKMJ radio stations, McCabe Distributing, Miller’s Recreation, Irving Riutta, Jess Wiinamaki of W-Design & Advertising, and Elvis tribute artist Tony Rocker for drawing the winning tickets.

One-half of the net proceeds from the Theatre’s third GRAND Raffle has gone to the elevator project and the other half is being used for improvements and repairs to the Theatre approved earlier this year by its owner, the Village of Calumet.

A special thank you to each and everyone that supported the Calumet Theatre with the purchase of a GRAND Raffle ticket. Taking small steps, one at a time, really helps to accomplish a much larger goal. Thank you!

Laura Miller

Calumet Theatre

Executive Director