Wake up call to Village of Calumet

To the editor:

Where to start, it’s not too hard. Parking meters, an unnecessary evil. No entity in the Copper Country enforces them anymore, to my knowledge. They are detrimental to customers shopping locally. They are driving businesses out of town or closing them instead of attracting them. I understand the plight of the Village financially, but for what the meters generate, other than the salary of the meter person, doesn’t account for the loss in revenue to the local businesses. The Village is struggling and the street and police department are doing the best they can under the circumstances. It’s not too late to reverse this situation before more good, viable businesses are in jeopardy. I understand this situation more than most, to those that know me and our family business. I am fortunate to be able to retire instead of closing my business, however, there are several young business owners who may not be able to say this if this situation doesn’t change. Property values and real estate sales have suffered in the Village where other municipalities have not. I’m not saying that parking meters are the ONLY problem in the Village, but it may be the easiest thing to change in order to start making a difference.

Please support the businesses locally an voice your opinion to the Village as I have many times. In making this small change, we could make a difference. There are many people that have voiced their opinion as to the Village combining forces with Calumet Township and maybe the Village of Laurium.

That may be a good topic of discussion when more information is gained.

Ed LaBonte