Teacher was unforgettable

To the editor:

Although I knew that I would eventually see the obituary of Pauline Steck in the Daily Mining Gazette, I nevertheless felt a tremendous sense of loss when I did read it.

I first knew Pauline when she taught me Latin at the Calumet High School. I don’t remember much of the Latin, but I have never forgotten the teacher.

When I moved into Northridge Pines in Calumet, we had rooms next to one another. I had many interesting conversations with her. Because I loved to do handwork, I admired her hats, mittens and afghans that she knitted. When she gradually began to lose her eye sight, she wore special glasses to help her see. Eventually she had to stop doing her handwork and she graciously gave me all her unused yarn.

What I remember about her especially was that she had organized her time so well. She would spend a certain amount of time doing handwork, then an allotted time for her reading, chatting with her visitors, or just relaxing.

As she loved to have company, I would see several of her friends passing my door going into her room. They would have regular sessions translating Latin texts.

Because Northridge closed, we were both residents at Garden View. Eventually I moved to the Bluffs, so my association with her ended. Although I didn’t see her anymore, she was often in my thoughts.

I will always remember her advice to me which was to stay active mentally and physically. She was a very gracious lady and will be missed by all who knew her.

Myrtle Barrette



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