Century of liberal warmongering

To the editor:

According to liberals, conservatives are warmongers and bigots who hate blacks, Jews, foreigners, immigrants, refugees, etc.

In 1917 the liberal/progressive Wilson administration put union organizer and socialist Eugene Debs in prison for promoting pacifism during World War 1. He was freed in 1921 when Harding, a conservative Republican, became president.

A German ship with Jewish refugees was turned away from America by the liberal Franklin Roosevelt administration during World War II. It returned to Europe, and most of those Jews perished in the Holocaust.

Innocent Japanese-American were arrested and put in detention camps by the Roosevelt administration. Their property was confiscated.

Thousands of civilians (the elderly, women, children, babies, etc.) burned to death when incendiary bombs and napalm were dropped on Dresden, Germany and Osaka, Japan. Then two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were destroyed by atomic bombs. U.S. Adm. William Leahy condemned it as “a return to the barbarism of the Dark Ages.”

Liberal Roosevelt and Truman administrations governed America when those atrocities occurred. Truman said he didn’t lose sleep over those deaths.

My father was in a U.S. Army tank battalion fighting against Japanese in the Philippines and Okinawa. On Okinawa he refused to kill a woman walking on a road when he was ordered to do so. My father was a conservative Republican.

After Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, he said privately that blacks (he used the racist N-word) would vote Democratic for the next 200 years.

Remember the Cuban boy rescued and taken to America after his mother drowned when they escaped from Fidel Castro’s Cuba? Attorney General Janet Reno (of the liberal Bill Clinton administration) had federal agents take him at gunpoint from his relatives so he could be returned to that communist country.

Robert Kohtala