Service lacking from commission

To the editor:

The Houghton County Road Commission is keeping local residences in peril.

The residence of Little Traverse Bay are not provided services, such as: Propane delivery, Fire Dept. protection, Ambulance, school bus transport, septic inspection and cleaning, road materials, road grading, Fire-wood delivery, Internet deliveries, new development building materials just to name a few.

This has was been caused because the Mud Lake Road bridge to the bay residences has been down-sized by the Houghton County Road Commission to a 5-ton limit.

Inquires with the Houghton County Road Commission (906-482-3600) on corrective action have been fruitless for a near term solution. The Road Commission’s respond that correction wouldn’t be made until 2021 at the earliest when grant funding is available. They have no near term plan, and bridge funding should have been applied for years ago. This has posed a major dilemma for local people that have been taxes for years.