Support Veterans Office referendum

To the editor:

The voters of Hougton County on August 7, will be asked to vote on a .15 millage proposal for the operation of the local Veterans Affairs Office. This proposal will cost the average taxpayer in $7.50 a year. The favorable support of this millage proposal is needed for the continued operation of the office. This Veterans Affairs Office is solely supported by the people of Houghton County. Without your support, the office will cease to exist.

This office, over the last ten years, has grown in activity and importance to the over 3000 Veterans and their families in Houghton County. Veterans play an important role in the Economic life of Houghton County as indicated by the Department of Veterans Affairs spending of over $22,500,000 a year on payments to Veterans and Dependents.

The office is on schedule to see about 850 Veterans this year. This has necessitated the office hours being changed from 29 hours a week to our new schedule of 35 to 40 hours a week.

The office also coordinates the DAV van which transports veterans to the Johnson VA Hospital in Iron Mountain . During the course of a year 500 veterans will be transported and the van will have traveled 45,000 to 50,000 miles, all driven by volunteer drivers.

Other activities of the office include initiating requests for Veterans Trust Fund assitance, both at the state and county level. The office made significant contributions to the restoration of community WWII Honor Rolls, and to the improvement in local veterans cemeteries. The office also purchases, on a yearly basis, over $2,000 worth of flags to be placed on veterans graves for Memorial Day.

To continue the mission of “helping those who served,” the Houghton County Veterans Affairs Board asks for your “yes” vote, on Aug. 7 in support of this office.

P.S. — The members of this board receive no compensation for serving.

Gene La Rochelle