Nailbenders do a lot to help in the local community

To the editor:

For decades the Nailbenders of the Copper Country Kiwanis have been building ramps for the elderly and disabled of Baraga, Houghton and Keweenaw counties.  These ramps are built with free Nailbenders labor, usually within a day and specifically designed to code for each residence.  They last for years.  Often these ramps allow a person to get out of their house for the first time in months.  It helps First Responders easy access in case of emergencies.  It allows someone to come home from a medical facility.  

Now the Nailbenders need help.  Previously we were blessed with a free workshop that was perfect for building the parts of the ramps.  Due to remodeling of the building, that workshop is no longer available.  We no longer have a place to build the ramps, but we are still getting desperate calls for help.  Our answer this last year has been “sorry, we just can’t do it.”  Is there any business or person in the community that could offer a work environment for us?  We would discuss a minimal fee.

Also, the Nailbenders are aging and declining in number. We have reached out to some Lions Clubs in the area for partnering with us on the building part.  They have offered help but we could use help from other community members.  This is not a full time commitment.  Help when you can.  Someday it maybe you, a relative or friend who needs a ramp.  The Nailbenders want to say yes when you call.


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