Keeping big box stores honest

To the editor:

There are things that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry about. If you are for capital punishment, how can you claim to be pro-life? You have to wonder if any of the leaders of any white supremacists organization insists that any member and or potentials members take a DNA test to prove that they don’t have any of “that” blood in them.

At Wal-Mart you can get 300 tablets of generic claritin at a cost of $0.08 each. If you have your medical provider write you a prescription for the exact same thing, 90 cost only $0.064 each. Speaking of Wal-Mart, you’d think with the millions of dollars that the Houghton store generates they could afford to pay $10- $ 20 for coat hangers and door locks in the men’s bathroom. And then there are the urinals, more often than not half of them are out of order.

While we’re on a Wal-Mart track, Houghton’s previous city manager didn’t insist that Wal-Mart the traffic light that their expansion created. Instead we tax payers had to pay for it.

I certainly hope our current city manager doesn’t let Meijer off the hook for the traffic light that their store will most certainly necessitate.

And then there’s our law enforcement.

A 28-year-old boy was recently stopped and a ticket issued to him for doing 91 mph on US 41. Certainly well deserved, but, the rest of the story is “interesting”.

He has two unpaid tickets in Wisconsin; his Colorado driver’s license is expired and has also been revoked by the state of Colorado for assorted violations.

But the topper is the best news item. Because he can not legally drive, he did not have the permission of the adult owner of the vehicle to be using it.

Gotta Love It.


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