Not worth redeeming the unredeemable

To the editor:

Are you worried?

It seems that our country’s glory and heyday are in the past. Whether or not you like to admit it; our nations status in the world is crumbling. Also, domestically we have immense problems, issues and concerns.

Things such as a national debt that will never be quashed, infrastructure that is in horrific condition, corruption, scandal, graft, greed and self-serving lies particularly at the federal government level.

Throw in endless war abroad and violence of many varieties occurring within our shores, by of which our leaders do nothing meaningful about, and you will serve up a deadly and evil forecast of which spells a dreaded outlook and probably the end of a once great society even as I remember in my younger days.

For sure our leaders, lawmakers and justice system are to blame; however, we must also bear responsibility. Too many of us show apathy rather than concern. Too many are gullible and fail to research to arrive at the truth. Those that aim to deceive know their craft well, we must discern the proper outcome.

We should insist upon honesty and transparency. Of course this also means we must live by this credo. Beware of “feel good language”, impossible promises or words over substance.

The power hungry, wealth chasing and attention grabbing types have no boundaries when it comes to satisfying themselves. It is too easy and even a cop-out to rest on one’s laurels, to say, “Let’s pray about it”. Not to condemn the Holy Trinity, as I proclaim Christianity myself. Christ will return in time; what are you going to due in the mean time?

Some people are unredeemable and herein lies the problem!