Police officer helped in a fix

To the editor:

Many thanks to the Houghton police officer who came out of nowhere recently to get me out of a “fix.” Had gone for a ride with a friend and we drove past the yacht that was visiting Houghton. To get closer to boat, my friend let me out of the car at a spot with picnic tables nearby. I’m a stroke survivor with balance issues but can normally walk a short distance.

Unfortunately, we didn’t notice in darkness an 8-inch curb between me and the tables. I got to that curb and was “stuck”. Probably should have walked alongside curb in traffic-facing direction… but just stood there praying for someone to rescue me. Lucky for me, someone did!

Suddenly there was a policeman at my side, politely offering a sturdy blue arm. Seconds later my friend arrived, we got to a table, and the officer disappeared again.

On social media, I sometimes make fun of police (as I do of everyone and everything), but on Thursday night I sure was glad to see that blue arm!