Well wishes fondly received

To the editor:

Thank you to all that have reached out to me and my family via card, phone, email, text, visit, etc, in response to my recent health issues. The outpouring of concern and positiveness has been overwhelming. I’ve truly been buoyed by your well wishes and prayers. I’m reminded every day of what a fantastic community of people I’m fortunate to live amongst. Special appreciation to my wife (Megan) and kids (Maggie and Jack), Kevin Kalinec, Dave Dow, Glenn Anderson, Jim Hainault, and Jennifer Bow for getting me out biking and/or walking, and to Corbin Eddy, Tyler Turcotte, and John Diebel for their exceptional efforts at Carondelet Park, which I haven’t found time to assist with maintaining this summer.

As for me I’m doing well, eating healthier, and listening to my medical care professionals. I’ve had excellent care at every step in the process from UP Health System – Portage, UP Health System – Marquette, and their affiliates for which I’m most grateful.

Thank you!