No laughing matter here

To the editor:

In the August 24/25 edition of the Gazette, I was reading the editorial comment from a frequent writer.

It started out nice and light, writing about having a “good hearty belly laugh,” and I thought “Oh good, she’s going to write about something pleasant for a change.” Well, that didn’t last long. About halfway through, the writer switched over to how “leftist” politicians never enjoy a genuine laugh.

Maybe you can explain to me how locking babies up in cages makes you laugh. Or what was humorous about the president standing on the world stage in Helsinki and siding with Putin while throwing his own intelligence services under the bus over whether Russia interfered in our elections.

Helsinki was my turning point with this administration.

I’d like to know if the rising deficit and debt puts a smile on your face. This is not suppose to happen in a supposed good economy. Whatever happened to being a conservative? You know, lower the debt, smaller government, free trade?

You have to stop referring to yourselves as conservatives, because you’re not. I’m guessing you’re getting a good laugh out of the lies that come out of the president’s mouth on a daily basis and the sycophants that stick up for him.

Are you getting a good belly laugh out of all the fires and floods and extreme temperatures around the world because of climate change and our current administration denying that it exists?

How about the president putting people in charge of departments they actually want to destroy, are you getting a few laughs out of that? Are you going to be happy when there are mines and oil rigs up in Yellowstone and the grizzlies and bison are gone?

What about these G-7 meetings? It used to be a meeting of the biggest economies to do something constructive together, now it’s just a meeting to figure out how to keep our president from doing things that are destructive. Sucking up to autocrats and being a bully to our allies doesn’t seem to humorous either.

I need one of you right-wing extremists to explain to us what the joke is, so we can all have a good belly laugh.


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