Jesus’ love was spiritual

To the editor:

A June 28 letter promoted the moral values of the Bible. It was later condemned (Aug. 17) by a man who does not share the beliefs of Christians and Jews.

That man, who always criticizes the Bible, suggested that Jesus was an illiterate homosexual who didn’t really exist.

The love Jesus had for a disciple was spiritual. It was not perverted lust.

People who love their pets don’t lust after those dogs or cats.

The normal love parents have for their children isn’t incestuous.

The Bible tells us to love our neighbors. That doesn’t promote adulterous or perverted sex.

We are to love God and His Son and they love us. That is spiritual.

Judeophobic and Christophobic skeptics shouldn’t criticize spiritual concepts they don’t understand.

Was Jesus illiterate? The radical People’s Almanac claimed that he was when he asked whose likeness and inscription was on a Roman coin.

Jesus didn’t ask what was inscribed on the coin. He asked the question to explain about paying taxes.

In the synagogue Jesus read from the Hebrew Scriptures (Luke 4: 14-19). An illiterate person couldn’t do that.