Please become informed

To the editor:

I have written about this in the past and I am sure I will again. First I recently had the honor of working with an outstanding group of stake holders and local commissioners along with a number of concerned citizens representing the diversity of the county as part of the jail task force. All of these individuals donated their time and energies to look at potential options for a new jail. After several meeting and research into several options it was reduced to two viable options that would allow the community to look at and consider what it would support. This letter is to encourage everyone to contact their representatives and learn about the needs and the benefits of a new facility.

If we as a community do not now do something to correct the deficits that everyone who has studied this situation have identified, it is possible that a potential legal action could force us to build something that other entities may decide we need. Now is the time for us to accept that we can no longer postpone the needed project, as each time we do so it cost more to build. Please become informed.