Don’t mess with Medicare

To the editor:

Don’t mess with my Medicare or Social Security. That should be the cry of every person on Medicare, those 65 and older and those that are disabled and cannot work anymore.

Medicare for all makes no sense, so it’s nonsense. Government needs to find a better way to allow those that want insurance, to be able to buy good affordable insurance according to their ability to pay. If some Democrats running for president get their way and pass Medicare for all, they will destroy the only medical insurance many elderly people now have. Do you believe if it doesn’t work the Republicans will restore it back to the way it is now? Some Republicans would be glad to drop Medicare and Social Security. Why should they care, after all, they have their medical insurance plan paid for by the tax payers for life. And a pension check coming in every month from the Government most likely exceeding more than most people are making on Social Security, plus working as lobbyist. Wow, only in America can someone spend time in Washington doing nothing for four years, retire and make more money and get more benefits than most working people get in a lifetime of busting their butt for the man.

The sad part is, they are the servants of the people but watching them on T.V. they seem to be more the servants of their party. They don’t fix the problems any more, they are the problem. Why are most of the medication here over night. But then again, most of the people on medication are elderly. I believe most elected Republicans don’t care about us on Social Security and Medicare, to them we are no more than (money) sucking liabilities.

The good news is in a few years there will be more people over 65 than young people and there is power in numbers, we have to vote for those running for government that care about the elderly, and not just the party.

Oh! I’m just kidding, it’s not going to happen in our lifetime; to the elected it’s party first then getting reelected, that’s it.


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