National Security at risk

To the editor:

Ukraine, a small and vulnerable country with a new president, is crucial to our national security because it helps contain Russian aggression. As we learned in the hearings conducted by the House Intelligence Committee last week and the week before, military aid, which was appropriated by Congress in May, was not released until mid-September, placing us all, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and those with no political affiliation, at risk. The President of the United States is not empowered to withhold military aid since appropriations are the responsibility of Congress. That he did so for four months to improve his situation in the 2020 elections makes clear that he places his interests above ours. That he used our tax money to do so is even more disturbing.

Congressman Bergman had the opportunity in his most recent newsletter, dated November 22, after the hearings, to make clear that he is aware of the risk the withholding of funds posed for his constituents. He had the opportunity to assure us that our well-being is his highest priority. But he did not do so. I am glad that he is concerned about improvements to infrastructure in our district and about the well-being of veterans, but he is our representative on matters beyond his district, in this case a national security crisis. We have a right to hear from him on this matter.


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