Mysterious moon above us at night

To the editor:

Do you ever think about our mysterious moon? Often our moon is described as dead, geologically inactive, and unchanging. Are you aware it has volcanic eruptions and seismic activity (moonquakes)?  What’s the issue?  If the moon is indeed billions of years old, it should have cooled off long ago.  It can’t be that old! 

Most moonquakes are due to the sun’s heat or gravitational effects.  Four Apollo missions placed seismometers on the moon which functioned for eight years, sending back data on thousands of moonquakes.  Occasionally human-built objects were crashed into the moon surface (to calibrate the seismometers).  Still, many moonquakes don’t fit the “dead moon” model.

Many people, with even small telescopes, have observed transient lunar phenomena (TLP).  Described as bright spots, colored glows, light streaks and mists, they can last for hours.  The moon is tectonically active.  This implies “youth” — consistent with a Biblical creation thousands of years ago.  Thomas Watters (Smithsonian Institution) said, “The whole (evolution) idea…just flies in the face of conventional wisdom.”

God created everything in six days just like we’re told in the Bible.  No other God or god, Supreme Deity or Force worshiped among men has offered Himself sacrificially for the salvation of his image-bearers.  That’s you!  You’re not just a clod of molecules “evolving” without hope or purpose!

Switching to biology, have you considered the nocturnal octopus (genus Callistoctopus) in its larval stage?  It was photographed on a night dive near Big Island, Hawaii.  This highly intelligent creature can solve puzzles, unscrew lids and even use tools.  Besides brains, it has three hearts.  One pumps blood around the body.  The other two pump blood to the gills.

Also meet the truly stranger-than-fiction giant Pacific octopus who possesses three hearts, nine brains and blue blood.  A central brain controls the nervous system while a small brain exists in each of the eight arms to control movement.  And two hearts pump blood to the gills. Did this “evolve” by chance?  What a magnificent design!  Our infinitely creative Creator has purpose for all His creatures, just as He has for you and me.

Dear reader, if you’re not a born-again believer, this new year is the perfect time to make that happen.  What must you do?  Simple.  Repent and ask Jesus’ forgiveness.  Then be obedient to Him and read your Bible daily. 

“By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.”  Psalm 33:6