Impeachment concerns

To the editor:

Listening to the members of Congress present their case for impeachment, I have to wonder if they finally “got religion” concerning our Constitution, Founding Fathers, and Rule of Law in general. These are in fact the same people who claim that the Constitution is a “living document,” and “change” is in order.

The assaults that they have committed on our Constitution, Bill of Rights, National Sovereignty, Culture, and the Judeo-Christian principles found in our Declaration of Independence are appalling, if not outright sedition and treason. The anarchy, murder, and mayhem that they have created by their failure to uphold the law and work with ICE on retaining and removing violent, illegal, criminal aliens is in fact subversion and sedition. No sovereign nation can exist without secure borders.

Concerning Joe Biden, he has bragged about the fact that, while he was VP, he got the Ukrainian government to fire the good prosecutor that was investigating his son Hunter and the Ukrainian/Russian gas company by threatening to withhold over one Billion dollars in loan guarantees (extortion?). I would love to sit on a company board, for which I have no expertise, and get paid 55k/month and my “company” get 166k/month. One has to wonder to whom and how far the tentacles of this corrupt company goes when a top executive absconds with ten billion dollars. Is he hiding in Joe Biden’s basement?

In draining the swamp, our country is really at a low point, bordering on collapse, when the President cannot completely trust the Department of Justice, FBI and even members of his own staff.

Finally, I’m still waiting for Al Franken’s (D-MN) book, “A Christmas Miracle: The untold story of the trunk load of absentee ballots.”


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