Copper has healing power

To the editor:

You have all heard of things to do to protect yourself from getting the coronavirus such as frequent washing of hands, not touching your face etc.?

However, one thing you seldom if ever hear is that copper is a very effective antimicrobial. It will kill both bacteria and viruses even antibiotic resistant ones such as MARS.

If you think this is just an old-wives tale I urge you to do your own research on it. Assuming you believe this or found it to be true through your research you may wonder why more things you touch in the outside world such as faucets, door handles and counter tops are not made of copper.

I do not know the answer to that except to say that many people are not aware of the antimicrobial effects of copper and that chrome and stainless steel look bright and shiny so people assume they are cleaner. You obviously have no control over things in the outside world so you might wonder how this information could help you.

Well, there is one thing you do have control over and touch a lot. That is your phone or tablet. It would be pretty easy to buy a sheet of thin adhesive backed copper, cut it to size with a scissors and stick it to the back of your phone or tablet. It may help and can’t hurt.

This is certainly something that could use more research. Any MTU grad students or researchers looking for a project?


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