Improving women’s stature

To the editor:

I was bemused by the letter to the editor dated 2-29, improving women’s stature. She seems to have missed some facts, and confused the purpose and goals of the early suffragettes.

Certainly the early suffragettes found time to “host sewing circles.” Those were the expected duties of women and I doubt they had anyone else to help. Although winning the vote was the primary concern, eventually another goal was added: the right to do more than stay at home. Keeping a home and raising children is an honorable profession, but women should choose that profession. Also, it’s been proven that children benefit from the involvement of both parents.

As a proud progressive feminist, I can assure the author that neither I, nor my feminist friends, use “repelling stridency” or “yelling and screaming” as tactics of change. Neither do I want to return to the traditional version of femininity the author espouses, including changing from trousers back to skirts just to be considered feminine and attractive. Times have changed, and although I realize change can be difficult, going back would be far worse.


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