President needs to represent us

To the editor:

I have never pledged allegiance to a political party or have been politically active, but today’s political atmosphere is disgusting. To have someone like Trump representing the American people is disgraceful. In the last election people had the choice of voting for political parasites of the past or go for the bold, brash, self-proclaimed billionaire with a slick hairdo. His negative traits displayed before the election were just the tip of the iceberg. Since being president, he has been rude, crude, vulgar and disrespectful to our neighbors to the north or south along with our allies.

His name calling is not a presidential trait and achieves nothing but hard feelings. Most of what comes out of his mouth is embellished or just an outright lie. I believe he takes his pledge to uphold the Constitution as seriously as he does uphold his marriage vows. Divorce is common but one of his reasons was that his wife was starting to show the evils of gravity and gravy.

Along with this we had his college where the diploma from there doesn’t have the value of a roll of 2-ply toilet tissue. He has openly displayed all of these traits with no regrets.

We have all made mistakes but most people apologize and try not to repeat them. With the tricky slogan “drain the swamp” we have gone from swamp to cesspool since Trump has taken office. This voting party over country I believe is no good. Whoever you vote for should first have some morality and a respectful past. This guy has nome.

One job Trump could handle in Washington is if they took away his industrial strength hair spray and put on a pair of bib overalls. He would make a good scarecrow in Michelle Obama’s victory garden.

If I was a young man starting a family and somehow it was discovered our children would be born with the same character faults as Trump, I would not hesitate to get a vasectomy myself.


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