Sex is not a social construct

To the editor:

How is it possible so many people can be duped into believing a lie? Basically, it’s because they are uninformed. Truth is now finally exposed because the gender theory inventor admits he made it up.

Christopher Dummitt, a Canadian, claims he went from denying that sex is a biological reality to revealing he was wrong. As a graduate student in the 1990s, he said there was no such thing as sex and promoted the idea that sex is wholly a social construct. However, many people disagreed, saying such ideas went against common sense. That was over 25 years ago and today his novel idea is everywhere.

We see acceptance of this when talking about trans rights and policies regarding trans athletes in sports. It’s even being written into laws. The politically correct crowd is quick to threaten repercussions to any person who thinks differently, i.e., hate speech.

Dummitt acknowledges he was wrong to encourage the idea that sex is a social construct. He further says he and other fellow students in the gender-studies field were making it up when doing their research. Still, Dummitt’s “baseless” idea that he and others advanced is the driving force for the transgender movement and its lobbying efforts to put pro-transgender policies in place.

Dummitt laments the fact that, “My flawed reasoning, and other scholarship using the same defective thinking, now is being taken up by activists and governments to legislate a new moral code of conduct.” He says this “flawed reasoning” and “defective thinking” is being included in the Ontario sex-ed curriculum.

Please be aware, dear reader, that there is a war going on under the banner of the rainbow battle flag. The LGBTQ+P army is marching against the traditional family in general and the God of the Bible in particular.

Ohio, Arizona, and other states are introducing legislation to ban transgender females (biological males) from competing in high school and college women’s sports. Like, whatever happened to feminism?

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Gen 1:27). This isn’t about religion, but about reality. Stand on a Biblical foundation and you’re in touch with reality. Without it you’ll fall for every wacky idea the Left dreams up to destroy America.

NOTE: Part of the information above was taken from Parents As First Educators (PAFE), 2 March 2020 in an article published last fall in the online Canadian magazine Quillette.


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