Election safety is important for all of us

To the editor:

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on our families, our economy, and our elections. It will disrupt the 2020 election — unless Congress acts. In response to safety concerns and constituent pressure, Congress has already passed some funds to expand vote-by-mail, online registration, and early voting, but the amount falls far short of the $4 billion experts believe we need to make these options available to everyone.

Without additional funding, voters may not be able to make their voices heard during one of the most important elections of our lifetime. It has never been more important to elect leaders who prioritize our safety. We must not be forced to choose between protecting their health and casting a ballot.

Besides safeguarding voting during a pandemic, vote-by-mail is a common-sense reform that will streamline and modernize our elections. Multiple states have already adopted vote-by-mail, and provide a model for how it could be implemented around the country.

I expect Congress to provide both economic relief and expanded funding for vote-by-mail, no-excuse absentee, early voting, and other options to make voting safer this November. Our current moment demands it.

Our president and first lady both voted by mail in this year’s primary.


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