Forgetting too soon

To the editor:

How soon we forget!  During the second world war, Japan attacked China and we, the United States stepped in and saved China from Japan’s destruction.  China proved during the Korean War that it did not want a Democracy on its border, so it protected N. Korea and killed American soldiers.  Thus, North Korea would remain a Communist country, ruled by brutal regimes that even today kill their own people to stay in power. 

China is the power.

Sharing engineering and technology, manufacturing and military power, through ignorance and greed, we have today a powerful Communist China. 

Through Globalism and negligence, China has surpassed our power. So, now today, they sent us a virus.  God help us.

P.S.  General MacArthur knew what communism was all about and he wanted to go and clean up North Korea during the Korean War…Truman said no. 

We sacrificed so many young people and today, we are sacrificing so many more innocents.


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