We the people

To the editor:

“We, the People.”

These are the most important words describing all Americans. Currently, We seem to have forgotten the true meaning of these words. They include everyone: those who support Trump’s “Keep America Great,” Biden’s “Joe in 2020”, Bernie’s followers, etc. Everybody.

As citizens, we are all afforded certain individual rights under the Constitution. Especially those outlined in the Bill of Rights. What is sorely missing today is acknowledgement and application of a “Bill of Responsibilities.” These two items taken together define our Rights “and” Civic duties.

Rights without Responsibilities are meaningless. Many people seem to have forgotten that if in expressing a constitutional right, harm or infringement of another’s rights occurs, it is an “irresponsible” action.

It is “We the People”, not “Me, the People.”

With the constant barrage of self-absorption due to social media, it easy to forget about the plight of our fellow citizens. Our greatest achievements as Americans have taken place because of our focus on the common good and the “We”. The “Me-ism” that exists today has led the country to “us” versus “them.” That is where our “divisions” exist. The country could use a huge dose of “We” to refocus our civic responsibilities.


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