Don’t politicize death

To the editor:

Those who politicized George Floyd’s death should think about this: In our nation of over 300 million people, one man’s cruel abuse of power ended his life.

Like Marxist class–warfare ideology, racial identity radicalism ignores what we do as individuals. Instead, it divides us into groups based on stereotypes: white capitalist oppressors and their victims.

In the real world, evil has many faces, not just white ones, and various victims.

15 enemy soldiers, with their hands up, begged for mercy as they surrendered to the Americans who then killed them. That was 1945 and the victims were Germans.

Leftists stereotyped most Germans as Nazis who deserved to die. One even told me it was good that Russian soldiers forced themselves on German women, “because 80% were for Hitler.” What about Russians who idolized Stalin?

On Okinawa in 1945, in a U.S. Army tank battalion, my father was told to kill a woman walking on a road. He wouldn’t do it. He also defended a dying Japanese soldier an officer kicked in the face. Some men are not fit to be soldiers or police officers. The death of George Floyd, who died when a cop kneeled on the back of his neck, must be understood in that context. Racism wasn’t the only cause of that cruelty.

My father had spiritual values that influenced his behavior. That is something that Marxists don’t understand.

People without compassion are often cruel and violent. That is why Jesus said, “Blessed are the merciful….” The cop who caused Mr. Floyd’s death didn’t have mercy. Neither did the violent and destructive protestors.

There are no radical political solutions to problems caused by a lack of spiritual values. Even some clergymen don’t understand that fact.


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