Fixing America through faith

To the editor:

America is already morally and maybe soon financially bankrupt. “Wealth and power is god now.” Is this the beginning of the end of our 250 year empire?

Many preacher are not teaching and preaching the whole “Word of God,” and many people that want that “feel good” will fill their church pews and collection plates each week. The “Church” has become more secularized now; so believers more than ever need to renew their minds by studying God’s Word and living it. What part of the secular life style is even minutely close to being the good and acceptable and perfect will of God? If you say you’re a born-again Christian and do not have a desire to please God and do His will but desire to satisfy your will with the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life; where is your love for God? You’re just a Christian in name only.

Example: DMG Jan. 24 on the Religion page: In my opinion, this was a discussing article about the United Methodist Church. In Cottage Grove, Minn. Grove United Methodist Church, went the older parishioners to leave so they can attract younger families. They even hired a specialist to create a new thing, with a new mission, for a new target and a new culture. Wow. All they have o do now is get rid of all the crosses, old hymn books and pews; then hire a “Christian” rock band and a charismatic preacher; he’ll make them feel good by telling them to search and find their spiritual inner self, their “consciousness.” The church will be be full and the money will flow. Isn’t that wonderful? No–there will be no power; “having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!”

Pastors: It’s time to preach the whole word of God, not just the parts that make people feel good and fuzzy all over. For Heaven’s sake, preach and live it; or get secularism out of the ministry; it’s not about the money and numbers; it’s about “Preaching the whole Word of God” and making disciples.

Editor’s note: The Jack Sprietzer letter that ran on Wednesday, June 24, was accidently the same letter as the one written by Keith Wanhala, due to a computer error. This is the letter Jack Sprietzer submitted to the Daily Mining Gazette for publication.


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