Tired of Democrats

To the editor:

Donald Trump is proving to be exactly what America needs. He is smarter, and well-connected to other very talented people in finance and law.

Just imagine what would be happening, if Hillary Clinton had won. Donald Trump is God’s gift to America, just in the nick of time. He is not in a popularity contest nor is he trying to increase his wealth like Democrats. His goal is to provide more jobs, return this country to its roots, and drain the swamp in Washington. If you were one in the swamp, you would do anything to get rid of him. That is what the Democrats are up to. They are exposing their true colors and it is not a pretty picture. Many should be in jail or fired.

I’m calling for teachers and professors to teach American history and the benefits of free enterprise. You have had the benefits of our freedoms and need to change course. Our young people are lacking understanding of what has made this country the greatest. Your union has influenced you for too long. You are smart and can think for yourself.

Michigan’s Senator Peters needs to be fired. It is in your hands. This next November we can vote for John James. You’ll never have a better candidate. He is a West Point, pro-life, business owner, and family man. He flew combat missions in Iraq. Now he wants to go to work for you in the Senate. How lucky can we get? Qualified men do not appear every day. John James is one in a million.

If you are tired of the lies, and endless investigations the Democratic Party is conducting, it’s time to walk away.


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