Unite against racism

To the editor:

All people, especially people of faith, especially white people of faith, are called to do something about racism in our communities and in our country. We are called to stand up for racial justice. We are called to think deeply about what we believe and where those beliefs came from. We are called to look within our hearts and courageously confront the prejudice that lies within each of us. We are called to help dismantle systems and institutions that discriminate.

We need to be willing to educate ourselves. We need to be willing to confront our own white racism and history of white supremacy. It is evil, and it is in our midst. It’s not new. People in America are born into it. While these things may not be our fault as individuals, they are our responsibility as individuals and as a society. Things won’t change unless we work for and become the change needed in our world.

Challenge yourself and challenge each other to be better people of faith and to put actions to our faith. Pray for a change of heart and mind. And pray with your feet. Pray with your hands. Pray with your lives.


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