Calling Bolshevik

To the editor:

The 1917 Bolshevik Revolution was Russia’s “Chrysalis moment” but the “butterfly” that emerged was hideous and destructive. Millions perished in the USSR before that evil empire ended in 1991.

Lenin boasted “We will destroy everything and on the ruins we will build our temple.”

The young radicals in America are on the same path to anarchy and totalitarianism.

The “temple” the Bolsheviks built in the USSR was really a prison for slaves of the state. It was also a tomb for the victims of Communism who died in that “workers paradise.”

Militant atheists, murderers and thieves tried to create a paradise, but without God it was hell. the Bible says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vein.”

An article on the front page of the June 4 Gazette quoted a clergyman praising local protesters. He said our capitalism, sociology and culture have to change. What we really need is a spiritual revival, not more radicalism.

I was a teenager in 1965 – a time of protests – when Barry McGuire’s song, “Eve of Destruction” warned about nuclear war and said that the whole world was crazy. Regarding protests against segregation, the song said, “marches alone can’t bring integration when human respect is disinintegratin’.”

That is a spiritual message today’s protesters also ignore.

Also in 1965, I listened to Billy Graham’s “Hour of Decision” radio programs. On one he described a debate between a Marxist and a Christian. Pointing to a man in shabby clothes, the Marxist said, “Karl Marx can put a new suit on that man. What did Jesus Christ do for him?” The Christian answered, “He can put a new man in that suit.”


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