Smell the roses

To the editor:

There is a lot of sadness and negativity in our world today with COVID-19, rioting and looting and much political rivalry. If you are feeling depressed and need a pick-me-up try turning off your TV/computer (or however you get your news) for just a while and walk, ride a bike or drive along the bike path in Houghton.

I would like to commend and thank the City and all of the volunteers who have done such a wonderful job with the flowers and artwork along the trail and throughout town. The murals and pictures on the walls are beautifully done. It seems there is always something new to look at or a different type of flower that is blooming every time I ride the bike path. These are very strange and scary times we are living in right now but sometimes we really need to just stop and “smell the roses” — literally. Thank you Houghton for brightening our day. We do appreciate it.


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