Enough already

To the editor:

It’s time that every law-abiding citizen in America rise up and give Washington D.C. an ultimatum – get to work in Congress and stop backbiting one another. All of you Senators running around the country for over a year campaigning and wasting tax payers’ money, when you should be in Washington working. There should be no campaigning until four to five months before an election. As an elected official you are wasting precious time and money, holding filibusters and arguing back and forth which accomplishes nothing.

Another thing is the Federal judges, who are appointed for life – not elected – and running our government. We may as well lay the Senators off (give you the pink slip) and let the judges do the business of the country. Partial birth abortion signed into law and then judges come out with an injunction from the states – Nebraska, California, New York.

Also discrediting “One nation under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance – shame on those judges – and then taking the Ten Commandments out of the Alabama court and putting them in a closet. This country needs the Ten Commandments and that’s why we are in a mess. America is in deep trouble.

We need to get rid of those people in Washington and get farmers, factory workers, and common laborers to work in Washington, they could do better than what we have now.

For example, Rosa Parks – the Christian African-American woman who would not ride in the back of the bus on that day in 1955, God bless her memory. Well, we are not going to the back of the bus either… we are coming out to say enough is enough. They have taken Bible reading and prayers from our schools and we stood silent. Now is the time for us to make a stand against the Liberals in Washington and in the news media.

Well, I suppose you say, “Don’t pick on those politicians, Pastor Ken,”“They do the work of two men.”

Well I say, “Yes, two men like Laurel and Hardy.”


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