Importance of Janet Metsa

To the editor:

Janet Metsa is not an ideologue, she is a problem solver who wants to work with all the citizens, when she is elected to represent Michigan’s 110th District, this November.

Janet grew up in Chassell and attended public school here through high school. She attended MIT and earned her BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering. During her time at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Janet learned strong public policy skills, explaining law to scientists and science to lawyers. At the EPA she gained valuable experience working and communicating with a bureaucracy to solve problems.

After eight years working for Air and Water Quality Standards at the EPA, Janet returned to Houghton in the late 80s. Here, she started and ran her own business, where she learned the needs of the Upper Peninsula. She sees a new economy, post COVID, and wants to help businesses thrive.

Janet is an advocate for public health, and will work toward keeping COVID-19 and other viruses under control. In a lifetime working with businesses and environmental organizations to solve problems, she has learned the value of creating a balance between protecting the environment and what works commercially, such as using data and science to grow a healthy economy.

Janet defends public education rather than private or charter education. Her opponent wants to reduce funding for U.P. schools by 25% and send that money to private and religious schools downstate.

Finally, Janet knows and loves the Upper Peninsula where she was born and raised, where she has spent the past 30 years working with the community, actively involved in her church, and appreciating the beauty of the Copper Country.


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