Markkanen’s first term

To the editor:

I am writing to rebut a letter printed on Aug. 26. The author incorrectly claimed that State Representative Greg Markkanen has introduced zero pieces of legislation since taking office in January 2019. That could not be further from the truth.

A simple search on the website that Mr. Wittig references shows nearly thirty relevant, quality bills introduced by Rep. Markkanen in his first term (not including amendments or resolutions). I’m not sure how you miss that. Important bills regarding school flexibility (just signed into law by Gov. Whitmer), criminal justice reform, taxes, natural resources, etc. have been presented for consideration by Rep. Markkanen (michiganvotes.org).

Mr. Wittig is also incorrect in his assertion that Rep. Markkanen “always” votes with his party. While he is a proud conservative, his record proves that he is still independent-minded and votes with the best interest of Yoopers in mind – not a “robot following instructions from downstate programmers.”

Moreover, after examining his record, Rep. Markkanen has delivered on key pledges made during the 2018 campaign. For example, he voted yes on cost-saving car insurance reforms, introduced a bill to expand skilled trades opportunities, and has continued to stand up for our individual and constitutional rights during these crazy times.

This attack is not the first misleading or false claim to come from Rep. Markkanen’s opponent or her supporters. It is sad to see their campaign resort to such tactics, but also very telling. The good people of the 110th District value honesty and fairness in their representative, and spreading falsehoods is not honest nor fair. Vote Markkanen this Fall to keep Sisu in Lansing.


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