Party of one

To the editor:

This has been a remarkable year for politics. The two major parties have been challenged in their efforts to influence the few independent voters to see things their way.

Once upon a time, both parties would set out white paper-like statements of their goals and objectives and for the Democratic Party, this year is no exception. The 2020 Democratic Platform contains many plans and proposals that outlines in detail the diverse aspirations and plans of the Democratic establishment to unify a country that has been victimized and divided by a despot who virtually kidnapped a major party and turned them into a band of follow-me-over-the-cliff lemmings.

The 2020 Republican Party Platform  is a radical departure from past years. This year’s platform is a simple resolution adopted by the Republican National Committee on August 22 states that the RNC unanimously  voted to forego putting out a party platform this time around,  claiming  inability of the Republik (spelling intended) Party to gather wide-spread representation because of the COVID restrictions on large group gatherings. (which didn’t keep Pres. Donald Trump from addressing a large gathering of  largely unmasked  special invited guests in the rose garden on August 27 to hear his rambling diatribe attacking Biden and bragging about his supposed accomplishments of the last months).

Instead of a platform, the Republican Party stated that “The RNC enthusiastically supports President Trump and continues to reject the policy positions of the Obama-Biden Administration….” 

That’s it. Simply attack; don’t put forth any new ideas. The RNC also stated that if any Republicans want to add to or adopt a new platform, they will be ruled out of order! No input from the rank and file of the party. In other words, forget the proud Republican traditions of the past… forget the old idea of providing for the common good and just go along with Trump. The Republik Party no longer exists….it has become the party of Trump. In the party of Trump, to coin a well used phrase,  “resistance is futile…you will be assimilated.”

Our system of government needs debate and exchange of opinions. One party-one man rule is not the American way.  The country cannot be run on slogans and statements that are not based on fact. The dictatorial style of our current Chief Executive does not promote diversity and true consensus. Trump is a divider, not a uniter.


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