Trump’s America

To the editor:

Look around you. What you see is Donald Trump’s America. Not Barack Obama’s, nor Joe Biden’s. Trump’s. Regardless of what he says, he “owns” it. Just like the CEO’s of the giant corporations that he admires.

This is Trump’s America.

Levels of race riots that we haven’t seen since the late 60’s. Republicans and Democrats can’t/won’t talk to each other. Those that do and don’t wear masks deride one another. Rural citizens and urban citizens no longer trust each other. Christians and non-Christians don’t seem to tolerate each other’s personal views. People whose skins differ in color are wary of each other. Citizen “militias” attempting to take over the responsibility of the police. The economy is in shambles and the general physical health of the public is constantly put at risk. Division. Separation. Fear. Everywhere you look.

Whether he is directly responsible or not, it is on his watch. He owns it.

This is Trump’s America.

What year was America so great that we can’t improve it? 1945? 1954? 1968? 1980? 2001? 2016? Trump never tells us which year that we should be aiming to recreate. MAGA; Magician Aimed (at) Generating Anxiety? We need to deal in reality, with substantiated facts and work with each other. Citizens will certainly disagree with each other, and well they should. However, a responsibility of a Democracy is that we work together, not sit on the sidelines and scream at each other.

The voting “lines” are pretty well drawn for Nov. 3. There is virtually nothing that the POTUS can do to significantly change the effects of his three and a half years in office. This election will reveal a great deal about America’s “character” as a nation. It will be either Trump’s America, or perhaps something better.

Vote in November!


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