What do I believe in?

To the editor:

I received a packet from Catholic Vote asking for support, money and vote. I would like to make it very clear from the beginning. I was born and baptized a Catholic and I am 82 years old and try hard to adhere to my faith.

I do not believe in abortion and I am a Democrat. I believe I am one better than a Republican. Republicans try to change your vote by playing on your religion. But they fail to pay attention to the rest of the scriptures.

I do not claim to be a bible expert but in all my years it has taught us to take care of the poor, widows and children, which means that after the births, they deserve good health, education and a good upbringing.

The Republicans have been promising “Health Care” for years but do not have a plan yet. Without a plan, if you are poor or sickly, tough luck. You will spend the rest of your life, which may be short, or suffer with things that could be corrected but you can’t afford it. The Democrats have Affordable Health Care Act and the Republicans are still trying to tear it out at the Supreme Court. Also, they would like to sponsor private schools leaving public schools with less funding so that poor children will not only receive no health care and poor education.

If they truly want no abortion let them put it on the ballot, as I would like to see, across the country filling out petitions in front of every church, it will take you very little time to get the amount of names needed to make it a Constitutional Amendment drive.

As far as voting for Donald Trump, he is the most corrupt, immoral and law breaking president we have ever had in this country. And much kudos goes to Senator Romney who is the only man with enough guts to stand up to truth.

A vote for any Replican Senator, other than Romney, is a vote for fascist, authoritarian government.

Trump believes in running the press, the AG to protect him instead of the American people. His favorite people, who he brags about, Putin, the Chinese and North Korean heads.

This is not what we need for Democracy. In your vote just remember no Republican has said Trump was wrong. Vote carefully.


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