President’s wrong rhetoric

To the editor:

Being a war veteran myself and having served in the Marine Corp during the Vietnam conflict, I wish to address the community of my depression and anger due to President Trump’s cruel comments to our men and women in uniform, past and present. Prior to President Trump, I have never heard any presidents in office during my life time berate members of our military.

One of my worst memories in Vietnam happened on a hill referred to as “LZ (landing zone) Margo.”

It was a very high and steep hill with some flat areas on top providing a landing zone for our helicopters. LZ Margo was known as a “hot zone”

We suffered several major attacks each day by their artillery and howitzers (guns they rolled out of caves), along with their mortars, rockets, and considerable small arms fire. Mortars were most concerning because it is difficult to hear a mortar round until it blows up. If the mortar blows up near you, the powerful force of the explosion may cause a concussion that can kill you along with lots of razor sharp shrapnel flying at high velocity through the air. My field was mortars.

I remember we had to carry a couple of our dead Marines over to the landing zone so that when it was dark, the choppers could pick them up. While carrying the body over to the LZ, I looked at the dead Marine’s face. I was overcome by sadness, knowing that I knew of his death before his parents and loved ones. It also made me realize that this young man was never to enjoy having a good wife and family or appreciate the many blessings that life had to offer.

No comments of compassion for the loss of these brave, patriotic Marines will be uttered by President Trump. President Trump has said how he feels. Our soldiers are “suckers” for joining and “losers” if wounded, captured, or killed.

Semper Fi


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