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To the editor:

I am a woman in my 70’s, and like many others my age I have several medical conditions that require medical care and prescription drugs. In the world of health insurance, these are called “pre-existing conditions.” I depend on Medicare and Social Security to help pay for these. But the current administration’s 2021 budget has several significant changes that will negatively affect both Medicare and Social Security. Many Americans depend on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), but in the midst of a pandemic, the president is committed to getting rid of this program. If this happens, millions of Americans will be left without affordable health insurance.

Join me in voting for someone who cares about us, who understands ordinary people, and is an honest man who respects Americans. Joe Biden will preserve Medicare and Social Security.  He has promised that he will keep the Affordable Care Act and make it even better. Joe has a plan to get us through this pandemic. So if you or someone you care about needs Medicare, Social Security or Obamacare, Vote for Joe Biden for President.  Your life depends on it!


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