To the editor:

It really bothers us that the vast majority of the people in the USA use the phrase “God bless America.” Why are we the only ones that should be blessed by God? Why not “God bless everyone, no excecptions”?

I presume Jesus would have wanted it that way. You might get some “Brownie” points from him if you included everyone.

On another topic, if people don’t start taking the pandemic seriously and aren’t really careful in public, our health care system is going to be overwhelmed, if it is not already.

You may think it is all right if lots of people get sick, but who is going to take care of them? Health care people are working long hours and getting sick themselves. If you get sick, who do you think is going to take care of you? But we suppose you think you are not going to get sick. Start thinking about someone other than yourself. Wear a mask and social distance. It is not going to kill you.


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