Harassment or collusion

To the editor:

I have been watching the story that apparently started last March with a phone that has been described as threatening, harassing, and a prank. By what was described by the county clerk, it appears purely threatening. Numerous juvenile excuses, and the ignorance of the telephone system operation and its retention of records, if I would judge correctly, the facts and truth are with the clerk.

Too many excuses and rationalizations by the caller and listeners are very hurried and convoluted, and they should hope that a recorded conversation is not waiting for a court appearance.

I have warned wannabe politicians of the dangers of “an offer to good to refuse” of money and power. I have personally seen a person running for state senator in Arizona, being told by his “handlers” “who he was going to be” if he wanted to running for state senator.

Lastly, I say beware of the same law firm or lawyer representing both Justin Kasieta and Beverly Smith, as it appears to be very questionable, not even with the fact that Matthew Smith was the threatening caller, which may construe they are relatives!


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