Thankful for the truth

To the editor:

With all the accusations that have been swirling around about our election I’m truly thankful l that the charges have been thoroughly pursued by President Trump’s lawyers and we now know the truth.

I’m thankful to have heard Rush Limbaugh, on Monday the 23rd, lash out at the President’s lawyers for repeatedly announcing they had “bombshell news” which would demonstrate the fraud but then in court after court were unable to present even “bullets” of proof. Truth prevailed.

I’m thankful to Tucker Carlson of Fox News for pursuing the conspiracy claim of attorney Sidney Powell, one of the President’s chief lawyers. She kept repeating that there was a conspiracy between billionaire Democrat George Soros and Venezuelan strongman who had developed a voting machine which could take a certain percentage of votes from President Trump and flip them to candidate Biden. That way the Democrats could “Steal millions of votes.” Last week Mr. Carlson demanded proof of that claim. She could not provide such and was removed from the President’s group of attorneys. Truth prevailed.

I’m thankful that the numerous charges of fraud have been brought to the courts and judged as false.

Big Tech was used by Facebook, Twitter, the press and television in an effort to twist the Republican and Democrat side of the story. But truth prevailed.

Heaps of thanks to our millions of Republican and Democrat voters, our election workers, our Republican and Democrat observers at the ballot boxes, our lawyers, courts and judges in assuring that our Democracy works. The votes have been verified and now Trump’s Federal Transition Coordinator, Emily Murphy, has officially recognized Mr. Biden as our legitimate elected President of the United States. Again, truth has prevailed.

I’m thankful for Jesus’ assertion that if you know the truth the truth will set you free. (John 8:32) Yes, both sides are free to confess our poisonous attitudes, plead God forgiveness, tone down our spitefulness, elevate our dependency upon one another and together be helpful agents in healing our wonderful wounded country.


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