Bergman not one of us

To the editor:

Congressman Jack Bergman has let the people of the 1st District down and the people of the United States. Jack Bergman has proven what I’ve said for years; he’s an empty suit without the ability to stand up for himself and the country during times of unnecessary turmoil.

Bergman has proven he is a lackey for the President, and his lackluster performance defending the Constitution of the United States is nothing short of treasonous. The Constitution has been trampled on for the past four years; it’s time to take a stand and hold Jack Bergman accountable.

It is time to come together, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. It’s time we work together and rebuild the country and provide a path towards a strong middle-class, which is our nation’s backbone. The hard-working men and women deserve leaders who will put their interests first, and Jack Bergman has not stepped up, but he knows how to claim victory for someone else’s work.

I hope a strong Yooper comes out in 2022 to run against Bergman. Hopefully, someone like Rep. Cambensy decides to run, a person who puts her constituents first, someone who does stand up against her party when it is right to do so. We need leadership.


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