What is the answer?

To the editor:

Our elected officials, Rep. Jack Bergman and State Rep. Greg Markkanen, are representing a segment of their constituent’s concerns regarding possible “voting irregularities” in our November election, but they are not representing me nor a large bulk of their citizens who believe the Michigan Board of State Canvassers correctly certified the total of ballots cast. Elections are key to a Democracy. Elections certainly merit questioning. But answers are also merited.

In mid-December, I emailed Bergman asking his rationale for claiming “Voter irregularities.” Last week I asked the same for Markkanen and sent a second email to Bergman. I got verification that Bergman received it. “What is your rationale for rejecting what Republican state officials had certified, especially after the mob which had ransacked the Capitol gave you room to reconsider?”

It is my understanding that:

1.The Michigan Senate, with 27 Republicans and 11 Democrats, on September 15th endorsed the process of mail in ballots by voting 34 to 2 to enable early counting of said ballots.

2. 71% of Michigan’s 8.1 million registered voters cast their ballots.

3. Republican election officials testified the balloting was transparent and the totals were valid.

4. Recounts were carried out and no significant errors were found.

5 Sworn affidavits of voter mischief were received by the courts but such affidavits must have “corroborating evidence of credibility.” Since such evidence was lacking the affidavits were dismissed.

6. Republican officials certified the vote and presented the same to Congress.

7. The computer specialist who has overseen our voting machines for 23 years, gave assurance to the Houghton County Board of Commissioners on January 12th that the voting machines are “never, never” connected to the internet.

So, Representative Markkanen what is your rationale? Congressman Bergman what hideous irregularities occurred here in Michigan which caused you to reject certifying Michigan’s votes even after the desecration of the U.S. Capitol gave you room to reconsider?

Where did Michigan fail its citizens? We, your constituents, merit an answer.


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