Big Lie Bergman

To the editor:

I write today with disappointment in Rep. Bergman’s support of the “big lie” that the election of President Biden and Vice President Harris was rigged. I also write to call into account those financially backing his unpatriotic, undemocratic, abdication of honorable service to his constituents. Rep. Bergman has violated the sacred oath of his office. and must be held accountable. So too, those who support him with their campaign dollars.

We live in troubled times but not irreparable times. We live as neighbors who may not agree on all aspects of county and country governance, yet we share common values. We hold integrity, decency, hard work, and honor dear. We take representation of those values and the needs of our community seriously and expect those we elect to office to do the same.

Rep. Bergman objected to the certification of our votes – of my vote. He supported the “big lie” that the general election was rigged, and through these things, effectively condones a narrative that led directly to the loss of life at our Capitol. His actions continue to contribute to the reasonable fear of those serving today. And they contribute to the disheartening lack of confidence in our democratic processes. We need to interrupt that lack of confidence by insisting he, and others, be held accountable.

Rep. Bergman should apologize for supporting the lie, denounce it by declaring the election valid, and commit to working collaboratively and accountably for and with his constituents until his term ends. Ideally, he’d actually live here as well, that he might know those he represents as neighbors. If he cannot do these things, he should resign.

But, perhaps, the more important call is to our local businesses and corporate donors who supported Rep. Bergman. For you hold great power and responsibility too. Sadly, many of our representatives assign greater weight to dollars than they do to votes. It is too late to alter the tragic events of January 6th but it is not too late to do today’s right thing. And so, to the funders of Rep. Bergman, we call on you to join donors from all over our country and say “We will not be part of the lie. We will do the right thing.” And then act. Defund Rep. Bergman. Do it today.


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