Open letter to Ed McBroom

To the editor:

Senator McBroom,

I’ve been thinking about your space ship comment regarding the 2020 election, where in our conversation, you stated “one doesn’t need to get on a space ship to know the earth is round” and I realized that while the analogy sounds good on its surface it doesn’t actually work. 

I think a more accurate analogy would be related to finding cancer.  Most often one cannot simply look at someone and determine whether or not they have cancer.  It is most often a more subtle process that requires multiple tests to identify, classify and locate the cancer within the body, and then come up with a protocol to eliminate the cancer if not too late or the cancer proves terminal. 

Bottom line, your committee’s probe, which was the equivalent of taking several points on a sphere and determining that it is indeed round is lacking in myriad ways. 

Many conservatives, myself included feel like people with cancer, something is very wrong we just cannot put our finger on exactly what it is.  Like cancer, the effects of not finding it quickly and identifying it properly will likely cost the host its life.  So, like a cancer victim I reread your report. 

Bottom line, I would like a second opinion, from an independent 3rd party, sooner rather than later.  The fact that there are “glaring issues that must be addressed” as you suggest in your opening paragraph indicates that the probe wasn’t deep enough. 

The fact that the Senate is in essence auditing itself and the systems that keep itself in power is a “glaring issue.” 

I believe the election and political systems in our state and country have cancer.  Michigan and every State needs an independent full forensic audit. 

Ed, as a friend, if you’d like your 13 children to live in a free society where they can worship God and contribute to society as they wish, you’d better do it.  If not, you will have likely become an instrument of Satan, whether knowingly or unknowingly makes no difference in the end result.  If it were me, and you represent my interests in Lansing, I’d get a second, independent, opinion. I’d request a full forensic audit, sooner rather than later.  May God guide you in your final decision. 

My best,


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